“The future is Europe: voluntary service and social change”


(ANS – Benediktbeuern) – “Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw”, the European network of Salesian youth organisations, and its partners announce their 2-year project on the topic of volunteering: “The future is Europe: voluntary service and social change”.

“The Future is Europe” is an Erasmus+ small-scale partnership in youth Key Action 2 project starting in spring 2022 for the duration of two years. It was written and applied for by the Don Bosco Youth-Net Working Group on Volunteering and is aimed at young volunteers. The project’s aim is to help define a vision for voluntary service for the next years in setting long-term goals helping all partner organisations to develop concrete actions.

All activities implemented for this project are built around four pillars: digitalisation, solidarity, employment and sustainability. These activities aim to raise awareness of young people on issues such as European citizenship, civic engagement and common values. They will connect young people from various countries and help them develop their soft skills, competences and their employability. This will help all partner organisations to create a model of education for active and European citizenship to be implemented in all countries involved and beyond.

The project “The Future is Europe” consists of four activities build around an online preparatory meeting, an in-person seminar and an online follow-up meeting for each topic:

  • “Volunteers for digital transformation” – Benediktbeuern (Germany), 29/08-01/09/2022
  • “Volunteers for solidarity” – Leuven (Belgium), 20-23/10/2022
  • “Volunteers for employment” – Campello (Spain), 27-30/04/2023
  • “Volunteers for sustainability” – Mogliano V.to / Venice (Italy), 03-06/08/2023

Expected project results include the strengthening of the voluntary service at European level for all partners involved, in order to reach more young people through quality projects, to have a strong impact on employability of young people through recognition of competencies gained during the experience, to provide digital solutions for networking and learning environments, including mentoring and general support during all the stages of a project.

A final document, implemented during the whole duration of the project in the form of a policy paper, will be then disseminated at international, national, regional and local level, aiming to inspire other organisations active in the field of volunteering service and international youth mobility.

About the project partners :

Don Bosco Youth-Net (DBYN), based in Belgium, is the lead partner and coordinator of this project. It is the network of European Salesian youth organisations. Its own working group on Volunteering has made this project possible.

Aktionszentrum Benediktbeuern, based in Germany, is a youth centre for young people providing activities in the field of non-formal education, training of youth leaders and voluntary service.

Confe Don Bosco, based in Spain, is a youth organisation that works to defend and promote children and young people, offering volunteering experiences, training opportunities and international camps.

Jeugddienst Don Bosco, based in Belgium, is a non-governmental organisation offering participation in youth-led events and youth participation activities, providing activities in the field of non-formal education, training of youth leaders and voluntary service.

Salesiani per il Sociale APS, based in Rome, Italy, is a network of more than 100 organisations engaged in the protection and support of minors and young people throughout Italy.

Turismo Giovanile e Sociale, based in Rome, Italy, is a network of groups and associations actively promoting youth and social tourism all over Italy.

TGS Eurogroup, based in Mogliano V.to / Venice, Italy, combines youth training activities in its home country as well as abroad with a concept of active, social and sustainable tourism.

Salesian Pastoral Youth Service, based in Balzan, Malta, accompanies young people to discover authentic life values through local and international volunteering and training activities.

Youth to Connect, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a youth-led project offering young people a volunteering experience within Europe, including guidance, preparation and evaluation.

Volunteering in Austria with “Don Bosco Volunteers” 2022-23


„Don Bosco Volunteers Austria“ offers volunteering opportunities (ten months, September to June) focused on education, social work, youth and pastoral care.

A DB-Volunteer contributes in the host institutions by supporting the educational programmes, leisure activities, community building, public relations or charity events.

Paired with a community that needs the skills and experience of the respective volunteer, the work done will be of vital importance. Volunteers will gain new skills and have experiences that will help them grow and develop as a person and in their work.

For the year 2022-23 there are five volunteering opportunities:

#1 Opportunity              Salesian Youth Movement

#2 Opportunity               Don Bosco Sozialwerk

#3 Opportunity               Don Bosco Schulen Vöcklabruck

#4 Opportunity               Pfarre St. Josef Klagenfurt

#5 Opportunity               Schülerheim Don Bosco Fulpmes

See more details: Opportunities in Austria

Don Bosco Volunteers gewinnt Österreichischen Jugendpreis 2021


Am 14. Dezember 2021 fand die Verleihung des Österreichischen Jugendpreises statt. Zu den Preisträgerinnen und Preisträgern des Österreichischen Jugendpreises 2021 gehört auch Don Bosco Volunteers. Der Verein gewann den österreichischen Jugendpreis in der Kategorie "Europäische Initiativen. 

Bereits zum sechsten Mal wurden herausragende Initiativen und Projekte der außerschulischen Jugendarbeit ausgezeichnet. Aus insgesamt 68 Projekten haben die Jurys in den Kategorien „Nationale Jugendarbeit“, „Journalistische Leistungen im Interesse der Jugend“, „Europäische Initiativen“ sowie „Eure Projekte“ 19 Anerkennungspreise ausgewählt.

In dieser herausfordernden Phase leistet die außerschulische Kinder- und Jugendarbeit mit ihren zahlreichen Einrichtungen und dessen Fachkräften außergewöhnliche Arbeit, um ihre Angebote, Aktivitäten und Unterstützungsleistungen für junge Menschen aufrechtzuerhalten. Der jährliche Österreichische Jugendpreis unterstreicht die Wichtigkeit des gemeinnützigen Engagements junger Menschen und bietet eine gute Möglichkeit dieses sichtbar zu machen. 

Zum Österreichischen Jugendpreis 2021


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